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F1: Sachi, F2: #Mayank

Bir Billing

Our first visit to Bir together and we were lucky to find two amazing couples who took Bir to the next level, I call it 'Love Over Money.'


Team of two For time:

1 Mile Row 80 Push-ups 160 Sit-ups 320 Air squats 1 Mile Row



This is perfect explanation of the word 'epigenetic'


Good Morning Sugar 🧐

There is no physiological requirement for sugar; all human nutritional needs can be met in full without having to take a single spoon of white or brown or raw sugar, on its own or in any food or drink. – John Yudkin & Robert H. Lustig


This is what I believe in now to live a healthy lifestyle.

Team of two For time:

10-8-6-4-2x reps of: Squat snatch 50kg

12 Bar facing burpees in between the round.

#Archit 8:30

Team of two For time:

200 Double-unders 150 Deadlifts 200 Double-unders 150 Deadlifts 200 Double-unders

Men: 60kg, Women: 40kg

#Tanisha 18:30

I don’t wanna change their mind. I want to change their behaviour because when I change their behaviour, they change their own mind. – Coach Greg Glassman