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Part A 5 rounds of: 60 Cal. Bike Rest 2 minutes

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Part A Time Cap: 50 Minutes: Round 1 27 Cal. Bike 21 Bench presses 21 Cal. Bike 15 Bench Presses 15 Cal. Bike 9 Bench Presses 9 Cal. Bike Rest 1:1 Men: 50kg, Women: 30kg


R.A.W Mindset!

We might be rude to most of the people in this small town but we only tell you the truth.


Movement Will Make You Happy 😊


How to Use RPE in Your Training “Correctly”

By Mike Tuchscherer, 5 December 2017

You may see people using the term “RPE” regarding their training, but not be sure what it’s all about. Or, more likely, you are one of the people who thinks you know what it’s about, but still make fundamental errors with it. No matter which one you are, or even if you do for sure get RPE training correct, hopefully you can learn something from this post.


Competition Mindset!!

CrossFit Masters 40-44 Division: Over the years I have seen many people come and go in this health industry, sometimes it’s due to mental game or sometimes it’s physical thing. None the less competition brings best in ourselves. Since childhood I’m not competitive at all but over the years I learned many good things about it. One thing in particular, ‘Age is just a number’ I proved through this platform in this small town and God knows how many more years I have to prove the same which may help others around me to develop the same mindset. I’m doing what I’m doing to help everyone around myself, so compare me to yourself first before comparing me to elite athletes around the world because I believe in action more than words and I expect the same from you 😊


Food Adulteration In Developed Countries.

If world’s most powerful food and drug department is being tricked than what can happen to us in India?

I’m saying this from past one decade, whatever we’re getting from the grocery store (specially labeled food) is not real but most of the people don’t believe. I think it’s because they don’t have right palate to differentiate real vs fake food. But when they come to train with us at R.A.W their bodies just die in a week or two. Why won’t they, we need to nourish our Mind, Body & Soul to make it work at the highest level. Food dictates biochemistry in human body.


Let’s Say To ‘No Sugar’ In 2023.

Meat 🍖 Vegetable 🥦

It’s as simple as that…..

Purpose Remains The Same – Quality Over Quantity!